Staying Current

…you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.

— Maya Angelou

Making a Difference

*Making a Difference

For several years Searchwise has had the pleasure of giving back through our involvement with various community and industry organizations.

We’ve written about our past involvement with such groups as Kendall College of Art and Design, who asked us to meet with their graduate students to offer tips on getting that first position – with IIDA we often go to various chapters across the country and tailor our advice to fit regions and individual goals. We believe in the power of learning from industry leaders and passing that knowledge on as a way of giving back.

Go the extra mile.  It’s never crowded.

— Unknown

Knowledge is Power and when it’s shared with the idea that it can help better both individuals and groups, it is literally providing a set of much needed tools. Yet, the standard application of this meme has been to “jealously guard and charge up the wazoo” for knowledge. Granted, the entire world economy is based on fair compensation for skill/knowledge – but there can be no loss to either the self or corporation when vital ideas and possibilities are opened up for study and consideration. After all, the application of knowledge is an arduous process nobody can escape – and one way or another, someone will get paid – a professor, a craftsman, designer, techie etc.  – in the pursuit of some betterment or idea.

With that in mind, the Searchwise team has taken the time to gather recent happenings and share our findings across many platforms and venues. We support the efforts of such commercial real estate association as CoreNet Global and Bisnow. We attend as many Bisnow events as possible, because if you want to know what’s going on in your territory — attend a meeting!  Similarly, we support CREWNetwork (women in commercial real estate) a groundbreaking and highly supportive women’s network that has meaningful impact far beyond real estate. We stay current and pass on helpful tips and grand ideas alike because we believe it is an essential ‘nutrient’ for everyone, and we invite our audience to check out our many offerings.

All this is by way of saying – reiterating, our most fundamental principal: people matter and we will take every opportunity to bring hopes, dreams and just ordinary practicalities to the ongoing discussion about how to make life work for everyone.

What Our Clients Say

Searchwise Consultants flat out cares about the successful outcome for both parties.

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