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successful outcomes require in depth knowledge of a company’s culture and structure, but most of all – personal attention

*about our clients

Our clients in the commercial and residential interior design products industry range from Fortune 500 to medium-sized businesses, to private-equity and venture capital-backed enterprises. Here are just a few client profiles of companies who found a better way to build a great work force:

  • Office furnishings manufacturer of internationally acclaimed design classics
  • Cutting edge furniture from internationally renowned designers
  • Premier office furniture dealership offering top products and services
  • Leading worldwide manufacturer of lighting controls
  • Industry leader in the design and manufacturer of residential luxury outdoor furniture
  • Manufacturer of innovative furniture and movable wall system for education, healthcare, government and corporate
  • Leading premium brand of site furniture, lighting and accessories
  • GSA

The variables in a company’s size or the kinds of platforms they utilize are just basic math problems. We like to make sure we have a vigorous relationship with our clients and that they support and understand the many strategies we will be using. It’s a higher math approach – and it works.

Finding good people is consistently hard, so we don’t look for clients who have an easy search – because they do not exist. What we do want, is our client’s wholehearted participant in the search. As an interior design talent agency we are looking for clients who invest in their people and whose motto is people, people, people. We think it serves everyone.

What our clients say:

If you don’t like straight talk, don’t talk with Deborah. If you are a mean-spirited person, don’t bother talking with Deborah. She is one of the few human beings I know who gives it to you straight and doesn’t put up with people’s malarkey. Want to know your reputation in the marketplace? Call Deborah. It is mind boggling how she knows so much about her niche.

VP of Sales and Marketing

We are specialists in the commercial and residential interior design products industry.

who we are

*who we are

We are a interior design talent agency where people matter and every placement is designed to benefit client and candidate at maximum levels.

Our job isn’t done until everyone is thriving, using skills and resources to build a better workforce and a better workplace.

We employ dedicated, experienced professionals to search for the talent to fulfill your company needs. But just as importantly, we help you clarify your strategy and bring to light the greater goals for the company which is often not stated when the search begins.  We help you define and build leadership capability because we know what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Founding principal, Deborah Allen, knows firsthand how the right people can impact the growth and profitability of any organization. We adhere to her guidance and expertise because our experience has shown us that compassion, dedication and individual attention to every engagement is not only necessary, it’s the right thing to do.

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Our People….

Deborah Allen

Focus and context are my two new watchwords. The interplay between intense concentration – and then pulling the camera back to view the arena in which it’s happening – is a skill that takes constant nurturing. At every stage of a career path – intern to CEO, new levels of expertise beg to be absorbed and implemented.  Technological advancements alone can’t replace this skill and I advise clients and candidates alike to keep upgrading these abilities. In short, you must be well-informed – nimble, flexible, with a wide-range of action plans ready to go.

For me, a wider context means that I can simultaneously see our industry as an art form – and a practical and commercial success.  Likewise, global cultures need to integrate the complexities of living in harmony with the natural, organic world– which is definitely within our capabilities – as long as we master the art of zooming in and zooming out.”

What our clients say:

I see Deborah everywhere – NeoCon, CoreNet Global, CREW meetings etc. Granted, she is easy to spot because she is six foot something, but nonetheless, she is out keeping her company engaged!                                           


Our Sourcing Team

Our sourcing team has been with Searchwise since its inception. We’ve added some interns to make their lives easier and bring a next-generation mind set to our capabilities.

Our team is dedicated and talented and constantly looking for new ways to interpret and use data.  Because data can provide not only facts but possible story outcomes – it’s a far richer source for us than previously thought – and our people are at the forefront of a new data movement that has more to reveal to us than boring, inscrutable numbers and “wizard code.”

We’ve said it before – people are more than the seemingly right size peg to fill a job slot. Humans, by nature, are creative.  Cubicles and slots aren’t enough to fuel next-level dynamics. The new frontier in the age of information is all about finding and liberating the great creative potential that resides in all of us.

Intelligence Gathering

talent mapping, market mapping,

company information, competitor information,

industry trends, recent news

and great people to do it!