What Makes the Difference?

What Makes the Difference?

How We Do It

Like most recruiting firms, we employ proprietary database research, as well as mining our associations, but the crucial difference is that Deborah Allen and her team are constantly out in the field.

This means in person, at functions and gatherings, meeting with people and experiencing firsthand the current energy of the market.

While it‘s tempting to think information can be easily obtained on the internet and staying in touch as simple as a phone call, a superficial search, “dialing for dollars,” as it’s known in the industry, is not sufficient. A “virtual tour” approach may yield information, but recruiting from the confines of an office will never fulfill the broader and deeper needs of either the candidate or company.

We are experts and understand the differences in how each search modality works, thereby maximizing results for our clients

What Makes the Difference?

By participating in the many trade shows and industry functions, relationships are built – the link between ideas and needs – perceptions and trends all go to form a complete picture and a client’s or candidate’s needs are understood within this context. That’s what enables us to accurately assess the critical competencies required for the position and what enables our clients and candidates to feel the right decisions have been made.

We blend a variety of resources and techniques until we arrive at the perfect approach for our clients and we measure the success of our engagements not only within a specific role, but also within the larger context of the organization. Within the larger context of life.

Sourcing Types

X-ray searches and advanced operators

Boolean search techniques

LinkedIn, database and a variety of market research software

Multiple aggregator databases for industry, company, product and people research.