Retention – It’s Critical

Retention – It’s Critical

You would think Searchwise would be interested in companies who have a high turnover. But it’s not the case. We decline engagements from companies that have a reputation for turning their people.

What we strive for in our placements are candidates who will stay with the company long enough to give both an opportunity to prosper.

The Opinion Research Corporation reports that 80 percent of employees would consider leaving their current job if presented with other opportunities. More frightening still, companies who have not solved the riddle of their own internal operations have tried to resolve their problems by poaching talent – recruiting and luring talent away from their employers. But this is ultimately a zero sum game, because the enticement will soon give way to grim reality and the round-robin of job-hopping begins again.

One could describe ‘design’ as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.

—Charles Eames

The same report states that “over 70% of people leave their jobs because of the way they are led.” Curiously, many good companies striving to be that paragon of “quality” will fail to put great leadership in place. Often they will not consider people skills as important as technical skills. That thinking will lead them to give short shrift to management training and the ill-suited leader will never have a chance to develop either their own potential or to bring out the best in their employees.

Less discussed, is the problem of outright abusive behavior by managers. Even if the bad behavior is the result of gross miscasting, the effect is the same – and not something a company can afford to ignore or hope that it will right itself.

If your workforce tells you that certain criteria are critical to their performance and retention, then there is little choice but to listen to what employee’s value most.