Get Clarification

Get Clarification

Consider the search a process of clarification. Clearly articulating objectives not only draws the parameters of the search, but also often clarifies for the client their own unique structure as a company — their expectations.

To help avoid common pitfalls, here are some guidelines to consider. Searchwise Consultants works with clients to ensure a highly successful and advantageous search for all involved:

  • Always develop a detailed job description of the position you are searching for. Many searches fail because there was no consensus among relevant management personnel — no complete analysis of needs.
  • Understand that no candidate will be without flaws; the goal is to put them in perspective to strengths. Searchwise will only present the strongest candidates, but it is important to avoid an overly critical stance that may keep you from seeing the talent offered.
  • Don’t confuse the candidate with the company they worked for. Regardless of preconceived ideas about a company — either good or bad — each candidate should be evaluated on their own merits. Remember, that skilled and talented people emerge from all sorts of unlikely places.
  • Be explicit about what additional qualifications the candidate may need to possess. For some, experience in related fields may be essential yet not specifically called for. Other companies need to know that working extended hours is a part of the candidate’s work ethic and still others feel that a certain outlook — maverick or team player is important.

Whatever the hidden expectations may be — bring them out into the open and avoid unnecessary meetings with candidates who will never meet these important and often unstated qualifications. That way, only candidates who fulfill maximum requirements are presented for consideration.

  • Death of an Interview or Interviewed to Death? Searchwise believes that if you have top tier talent to choose from and your organization has a clear vision of what type of individual they need to hire, there is no need to have four and five interviews. If anything, it’s counterproductive and a waste of time for all concerned. Read more about why:  4 Rounds of Interviews? It Shows How Screwed Up Your Hiring Process Is

With Searchwise, choosing the best of the best is the only difficulty.

What our candidates say:

When Deborah calls, she has the details of the position and has no problem giving you the name of the client. What’s up with the headhunters who call and act like they know you and worse yet, won’t disclose who their client is? Clearly, Searchwise is secure with their clients.

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