What Our Clients Are Looking For


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Communication and critical thinking skills are so essential – so foundational to everything in life that it almost “goes without saying” that these would be highly desirable qualities in an employee.

Yet many employers tell us that their leaders and managers are often forced to micro manage because their employees lack the ability to think critically and make appropriate decisions. Likewise, communicating or contributing your thoughts succinctly and effectively is of great value and can impact company productivity, but both skills take additional effort and may not be obtainable by just doing your job.

To acquire these skills and be fluent may mean broadening your interests and becoming a student on your off hours. Bottom line, these are functions of the brain that need extra input – and if embraced with enthusiasm, will never seem like “work”. It’s part of the extra mile notion, on our clients’ list of desirable qualities they are looking for. Commitment to both the job and employer is the bottom line.

Spelled Out:

  • The Extra Mile
  • Wear Multiple Hats
  • A Positive Attitude – *we put a lot of emphasis on this!
  • Decision Makers – Critical Thinking Skills
  • Passion
  • Organized and Dependable
  • Communication Skills
  • Conscientiousness

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