Then And Now

Then And Now

Then And Now…

Milestones are auspicious for many reasons, not the least of which is that arrival at a goal or dream realized, usually has a hard work and grit back-story. Coming to the 20th anniversary of Searchwise Consultants is gratifying for all the reasons it implies – yes, lots of hard work, determination, great expectations, but the most important reason a celebration is warranted is that human capital – i.e. the workforce has been evolving at an even quicker rate than our technology. In response, the business world has had to do some high-stepping and evolving of their own – all of which is and has been at the heart of what Searchwise Consultants strives to do: evolve.

We know that evolution is always a best case scenario because we have a word for its opposite – devolution. So any who are still equivocating – still thinking it’s a 50/50 proposition and could go sideways at any moment – relax into the idea that progress

always has a way of making sows ears into silk purses and bricks into iPhones. Ditto everything else we have – elegance always wins out, or we go no further with the ‘design’. Ditto Nature, who showed us all how to do it.

Current candidates were literally babies (see pix above) when Searchwise first braved the expanse – they are the result of this expanded thought and recipients of the best and most current technology. With more toys than any previous generation, it would have been easy to get lost in them – but for all the claims that they are doing just that – they have a surprising number of causes they are passionate about and regularly show up in mass numbers to prove it. Clients have shown remarkable adaptability and willingness to meet even some of the seemingly way-out-of-the-box asks, like free floating work space (no assigned seating ergo no status!)

What the last twenty years has revealed is a kind of ground prep for the eventual reckoning of what were monumental issues – that are now just/merely ‘big’. Some of the boulders and tree stumps have been removed. There is a willingness to entertain next level thinking – with next level technology emerging to meet it. It’s a kind of maturity that comes to us when faced with the end of an epoch – the end of a design iteration as it switches to new ideas and better methods. No one misses room size computers or covered wagons. Evolution allows us to get over it by providing more appealing alternatives – until it too is replaced by something more progressed and awe inspiring.

The first twenty years of this century has given us a valuable insight about our ability to face social/cultural issues – and in your face stark ecological realities. At the employment level, we’re ready to tackle the thorniest matters of equality. None of the issues are new to us – decades of prepping the land have readied us for this propitious moment when we stop grousing and admit that we know how to solve whatever ails us. The veils of mystery surrounding our multitudinous predicaments have dropped. If woken from a sound sleep, there are few who would not be able to articulate the solution to our eco woes. The only mystery left is when we will fully implement what we know.

The year 2020 has an admirable graphic symmetry – plus the implication of a 20/20 clarity of vision. Searchwise Consultants is delighted to celebrate not only the building of the last twenty years, but also the promise that our well equipped future holds. Every solution we ever needed to create a new and easier more productive and inspiring life has always been found within the planetary goodies generously sprinkled across the globe. Whatever we need or want – even if it’s uranium – is at our disposal.

Whatever we want, however has changed so much over the last twenty years. All of it pointing to the deepest understanding we have ever had – as a huge collective – about how unneeded and rapacious actions are just big, clunky, barely usable brick phones. We entered the 21st century with stylish flip phones and it was enough for us. Others thought, wouldn’t it be cool to make a movie with this gadget. That’s next level thinking applied to communication. Twenty years in, Searchwise Consultants welcomes the challenge and reward of those sturdy, balanced and clear sighted numbers.

Happy 2020!


  • printing out directions – or anything else
  • not knowing what’s in your inbox when away from the office
  • DVDs that had to be returned
  • Diskettes and hard drives as your back up
  • slow connections
  • getting film developed
  • 411
  • VCRs and CDs
  • FAX machines
  • phone books and dictionaries/thesaurus