Post Away – At Your Own Peril

Post Away – At Your Own Peril


I cautiously write this article knowing that our world is in unparalleled times and that everyone has an opinion. However, I think it’s a good time for a friendly reminder about what is appropriate to post – especially if you are looking for a new career path or looking to hire talent.

In short – be careful with what you post on any social media platforms. We all seem to behave ourselves on LinkedIn (for the most part) but Holy Moly – facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat? Yikes!!! And Holy Moly again – why do people think it’s ok to go nuts on TikTok?

Clearly, some common sense is needed. It’s not that a public skirmish doesn’t have its place – it’s that few of us will write an anthem worthy of whatever cause

we are championing. But instead of disappearing into the mists of time – these outbursts remain a permanent (thus far) part of your personal or corporate record. If you think posting as “private” buys you anonymity – think again. When our Searchwise Consultants research team investigates candidates, a social media search is always conducted. When I ask the team how did you find that? The answer is always “it wasn’t that hard.”

A questionable social media presence may tip the scales in favor of an equally qualified candidate. Or, if the superstar candidate your company is trying to hire starts researching who works there and sees what current employees are posting – it may hinder the ability to secure the desired talent. To make matters worse, we are currently in a lay-off mode – a grizzly state of events on its own – but consider this: all things being equal, who is going to get cut – the mouthy poster who has an ax to grind? Or the one who used discretion?

“I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.” ̄ Oscar Wilde

Before comments start peppering this post – ‘what about freedom of speech?’ ‘I need my voice heard!’ ‘I need to spread the word!’ ‘I feel this…I feel that’ – I hear you. I don’t intend to silence your voices – however, know that there is a time and place – perhaps choose an offline forum or at least choose your words, comments etc. wisely. If you choose the on-line forum, please understand you may lose your job, not secure the dream job you want, scare talent away from joining your company or even risk losing a promotion.

Likewise, what are companies allowing employees to post? Do all companies even have a social media policy? This article neatly outlines not only what a company needs to have a clear understanding of – but it offers actual policy language – everyone from Nordstrom’s to the U.S. Air Force is included. There’s good advice to be had by all.